PipeFlare’s “10 For 10” Referral Program Details – 2022 Update

We are thrilled to announce that we have updated our previous “5 for 5” Referral Program (effective 9/13/22).

Introducing: “10 for 10”. With PipeFlare’s 10 for 10, you’ll earn a unique prize for each of your first 10 referrals.

Your first 10 referrals can activate rewards like:

5 Free Spins: Earn up to $25 USD!

Free Mystery Eggs: Mystery Eggs can be redeemed for prizes like 1FLR Tokens, NFTs, and more.

Free Rock Paper Scissors Rounds: Access up to 100 rounds of our brand new, super fun game.

In order to activate your free spins and rewards,, you’ll need to refer someone using your unique referral code. You’ll find your unique referral code here. Purchased referrals don’t count toward the 10 for 10 bonus.* New users only.

PipeFlare referral link field

In order to activate your free spin, your referral needs to connect 1 social media account and use the faucet at least 3 times.

When your referral completes the requirements, your free spin activates, you can find it on your referral dashboard here.

We hope you enjoy your free spins, Mystery Eggs, and Rock Paper Scissors access! Thanks for your support of PipeFlare’s awesome community.

You can also use your referral code to earn extra income. Every time you refer someone to PipeFlare, you’ll earn a percentage of their faucet revenue, game revenue, store revenue, and subscription revenue.

You can read more details about our referral program here.

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