October 2022 Gaming Leaderboard Updates

Two years ago, PipeFlare launched with one game with one leaderboard. Now, we are almost at 10 games and 7 leaderboards. We are actively building more games, with two more launching in October 2022. As we grow, we are adjusting our leaderboard system to adapt to the increase in our game library. As of October 15th, 2022, we will be updating some of PipeFlare’s gaming leaderboards. Keep on reading to review the changes.

General Leaderboard Updates

The following leaderboards will be reduced to the top 200 winners, rather than the top 300 winners: Rock Paper Scissors, Flare Hit, Beat Box, Stack Breaker, and Space Shooter.

Flare Jump Leaderboard Updates

Flare Jump’s leaderboard will transition into a Community Reward Pool. To play Flare Jump, you will need to contribute 1FLR to the Community Reward Pool. You will then have 5 minutes to compete for the highest score. At the end of the week, the top 20 winners will split the rewards from the pool. The more players who enroll in the pool, the higher the rewards will be.

Stack Breaker Leaderboard Updates

Stack Breaker’s leaderboard will now be paid out in 1FLR Tokens, not ZCash.

Flare Hit Leaderboard Updates

Flare Hit’s leaderboard will now be paid out in 1FLR Tokens, not ZCash.

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