New Classic and Premium Tickets in Pyro’s Mining Rush – Game On!

Hey PipeFlare players! We’ve got something cool for you. Classic and Premium Tickets are now available in Pyro’s Mining Rush, opening up an exclusive level packed with action, surprises, and crystal shards.

Classic and Premium Tickets Explained

These tickets are your gateway to adventure:

  1. Classic Ticket: This ticket gets you into the exclusive level to hunt for crystal shards. You’ll have 30 minutes of play-time and it’s your standard entry pass.
  2. Premium Ticket: Choose the premium ticket for 3 hours of playtime for a better shot at finding those valuable shards and some cool in-game benefits.

The Adventure Awaits in Pyro’s Mining Rush

Get ready for a real test of your skills. This special level comes with four different sub-terrains, each more complex and daunting. The deeper you venture, the tougher the enemies, but the rewards are worth it. Your chance of finding crystal shards doubles with each deeper terrain.

Your Goal: Crystal Shards

Why collect these shards? They can be turned into full crystals, essential for upgrading your skill tree and advancing to a Level 6 profile. This is where you can really start to shine.

How to Get Your Hands on These Tickets

There are several ways to get these tickets:

  1. Weekly Game Leaderboards: Play your best, top the charts, and win tickets.
  2. Spin Wheel Page: Take a spin and you might just win a ticket.
  3. Staking Rewards: Earn tickets as a reward for staking at least 750,000 1FLR.
  4. Special Offers: Watch out for our coin or gem offers to grab tickets. Offers are released monthly.
  5. Marketplace Purchases: Each month, you can buy a limited number of tickets in our marketplace. Max 5 per player.
  6. Open Mystery Eggs: You may find tickets in Tanwen, StarBlaze or Medousa Eggs

Play Sessions

Once the ticket is activated, the timer starts. The time will run out whether you’re playing or not, so take advantage of every minute! This is similar to Battle Pass activations in mobile games.

Why It’s Worth It

These tickets aren’t just another update; they’re your ticket to a more intense, more rewarding gaming experience. They add a layer of strategy and excitement to Pyro’s Mining Rush.

So, are you ready to try out these new tickets and see how you stack up in Pyro’s Mining Rush? Let’s get to it and show what you’re made of in the game!

Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s hit the ground running in this new challenge! 🌟🎮🔥

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