Limited Time Only: Mint 4 Pyros, Get 1 Free

For a limited time only, you will get one free PYRO for every four Pyros you mint. So, if you mint 8 Pyros, you will get 2 free Pyros, if you mint 12 Pyros you get 3 free. There is no limit to how many free Pyros you can get! This offer won’t last long!

Head over to the mint page to take advantage of this offer.

Mint 4 Pyros Get 1 Free

What is a Pyro?

A Pyro is PipeFlare’s friendly dragon mascot. There are 10,000 randomly generated Pyro NFTs in circulation. Pyro ownership allows you to experience PipeFlare like never before. Some of the perks of owning a Pyro include:

  1. Fourth Mystery Faucet
  2. VIP Pyro Airdrops
  3. 3% Staking Bonus
  4. Entrance to Pyro’s Cave
  5. So much more…

What are you waiting for? Mint 4 Pyros and get 1 free today.

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