January Battle Pass Leaderboard

Congratulations to the winners of the $6,000 prize pool from January’s Battle Pass Competition:

Battle Pass Leaderboard for Jan 2022

Battle Pass is a series of 4 competitions in 2022 with a total prize pool of over $45,000+. Over the course of the year, we will have 3 “mini-competitions” with smaller prizes, and one large “mega-competition” with a huge sum to the victors. The competition schedule is available here: 2022 Battle Pass Competition Schedule.

Everyone has a level playing field for these games – you have unlimited lives, no NFTs boosters, and no in-game perks. Everyone is completely equal.

Whoever has the most tokens collected at the end of the competition wins. The top 10 winners will split the total prize pool for that competition.

In order to be eligible for our mini Battle Pass competitions, you must purchase a Battle Pass NFT. Using 1FLR will get you a lower price than using a Credit Card. The price of the Battle Pass WILL go up over time.

You can purchase a maximum of 5 Battle Passes, which will give you access to three 15-minute play periods. If you have five passes, you can play in each competition 5 times. We will automatically count the highest of your 5 scores.

In order to enter the Mega Competition, you need to have a Battle Pass NFT and meet certain requirements for our Prestige Points. Prestige Points is a new system that increases depending on your performance in the mini competitions. The higher you rank, the higher your prestige points.

Join our next Battle Pass Competition July 25-31 2022 for your chance to win HUGE PRIZES in just 15 minutes.

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