Important Update: Pyro NFT Burn

On November 21st, 2022, we will be burning the remainder of our unsold Pyro NFTs (aside from a small reserve that will be used for giveaways and Mystery Egg redemptions). Users will no longer be able to purchase Pyro’s on the Primary Market, so all sales will take place on the secondary market. To learn what this means for you, keep on reading.

How Can I Get A Pyro?

You will have until November 21st to Purchase or Mint a Pyro NFT. If you want a Pyro NFT after November 21st, you’ll have a few options:

Purchase From Users: You will be able to purchase a Pyro NFT from another user at any time after November 21st.

Earn In Games: Pyro NFTs can be earned in PipeFlare games such as Pyro’s Claw (coming soon).

Redeem Mystery Eggs: You will be able to redeem a Medousa Egg for a Pyro NFT. Learn how to earn Pyro’s Mystery Eggs here.

NFT Marketplaces: You wil be able to purchase a Pyro NFT from OpenSea.

Why Do I Want A Pyro?

Pyro NFT ownership grants you VIP access to a group like no other, along with tons of great perks. These perks include:

  • Access to a 4th Bonus Faucet
  • Staking Bonuses (up to an additional 3% Staking Bonus)
  • NFT Holder Airdrops
  • Entrance To Pyro’s Cave (an exclusive members-only club packed with VIP features)
  • In-Game Perks
  • …and MUCH More

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