PipeFlare NFT Marketplace

PipeFlare has been running a PipeFlare NFT Power-Ups marketplace for several months, and soon will allow users to generate their own NFTs.

PipeFlare Power-Ups give you added perks on our site, like increased rewards or tokens. You can find a link to your Power-Ups here:

Stage 1: Power-Up Store

To start, we are introducing a Power-Up Store where you can purchase Power-Ups using Credit Card and immediately start earnings perks. As soon as you purchase your Power-Up, it will be added to your dashboard and the rewards will start generating.

PipeFlare Power-Up Store

Stage 2: User Generated NFT Marketplace

In this stage, we will move from being a store to a marketplace. In the marketplace, users will be able to Purchase, and also sell their own NFTs. This will be similar to OpenSea and NBA Top Shots. We will not have a bidding system, but will allow creators to set their own price.

Stage 3: PipeFlare NFT Marketplace V2

In this stage, users will be able to sell PipeFlare PowerUps that they’ve purchased. For example, if you’ve purchased a 2x Faucet Multiplier, you’ll be able to sell it to other users on the marketplace. You’ll be able to set your own price for the NFT.

Stage 4: Power-Ups Converted To Digital Assets

Once we’ve launched the store, we will begin implementing a link between the Power-Ups / User Generated NFTs and the blockchain. Once we complete the link, you’ll be able to take any NFT you’ve already purchased or created and transfer it into the blockchain. Once minted, it will become a NonFungible Token.

In this stage, we will also look into creating the option to purchase Power-Ups directly using MetaMask and TrustWallet.


How do I get paid? When you sell an NFT, you will see your balance on your NFT Dashboard Page.

PipeFlare's pending balance NFT sales

Keep in mind that your balance will not equal the sale price. PipeFlare will deduct all fees automatically, and the net amount will be added to your balance. You’ll be able to see the history of each sale, including fees, in your history page.

My NFT Sales in PipeFlare

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