PipeFlare NFT Marketplace

PipeFlare will introduce NFT Power-Ups onto our site in stages. Power-Ups give you added perks on our site, like increased rewards or tokens. You can find a link to your Power-Ups here:

Stage 1: Power-Up Store

To start, we are introducing a Power-Up Store where you can purchase Power-Ups using Credit Card and immediately start earnings perks. As soon as you purchase your Power-Up, it will be added to your dashboard and the rewards will start generating. To learn more about Power-Ups, you can read our blog here.

Stage 2: Power-Ups Converted To Digital Assets

Once we’ve launched the store, we will begin implementing a link between the Power-Ups and the blockchain. Once we complete the link, you’ll be able to take any Power-Up you’ve already purchased and convert it into an NFT. You’ll do this by providing a Binance Smart Chain address. Once minted, it will become trade-able and will officially become a NonFungible Token.

In this stage, we will also look into creating the option to purchase Power-Ups directly using MetaMask and TrustWallet.

Stage 3: NFT Marketplace

In this stage, we will move from being a store to a marketplace. In the marketplace, users will be able to Purchase, and also sell their NFTs. This will be similar to OpenSea and NBA Top Shots, but specific to PipeFlare digital goods.

Stage 4: NFT “Forging”

In Stage 4, users will be able to combine, or “Forge” your Power-Ups. You will be able to take two NFTs that you already own and “Forge” them, creating a new 3rd NFT. This new 3rd NFT can then be sold on the marketplace or kept in your collection.

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