What Are Flare Tokens?

Flare Tokens, aka “Flares”, are the native currency of PipeFlare and the games on our platform.

Question 1: Are Flares Tradable?

Not yet, but soon. We are researching the best platform to use to issue tradable tokens. Once we decide which platform to use, we will swap your current tokens 1:1 with tradable tokens.

Question 2: What Are FlareDrops?

We will have monthly airdrops, aka FlareDrops, which will be distributed to all Flare Token holders. The airdrop will be distributed in proportion to how many Flare Tokens you own. For example, if we host a a $5000 USD Airdrop and you own 1% of the total Flare supply, you’d get $50 USD.

Question 2: What Else Can I Do With My Flares?

You’ll be able to use your Flares to purchase items within games, to upgrade game items, to customize skins, to purchase monthly subscriptions, to donate to independent game developers, and more.

Question 3: How Do I Get More Flares?

Currently you can get your Flares by playing games, by finishing in the top 100 of game leaderboards, by HODLing your Flares and participating in FlareDrops, and by claiming your free daily Flares via the Faucet.

Question 4: Do Flares Have A Dollar Value?

Currently Flares don’t have a dollar value, but they will once we put them on the blockchain. Once thing is for sure, get as many Flares as you can now while the price is low.

Question 5: Where Do I Store My Flares?

For now we will store your tokens for you. Once we put the tokens on a blockchain you’ll need to store them in your own wallet. Join our discord and social media to get notified when we launch our tradable tokens.

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