PipeFlare Power-Ups FAQ

PipeFlare Power-Ups give you added perks in the PipeFlare ecosystem. With Power-Ups, you can earn even more rewards.

Power-Ups Classes:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

PipeFlare Power-Ups are divided into 4 classes. Common Power-Ups have the least benefit, while Legendary Power-Ups have the most.

Here’s an example of an Epic Power-Up that gives you 1.75x Faucet Multiplier.

Power-Up Characteristics

All Power-Ups have 7 Characteristics.

Faucet Claim Boost

  • The Faucet Claim Boost applies a multiplier to your daily faucet claims. A multiplier of 1.5x means your base faucet claim is multiplied by 1.5.
  • E.g. if your base Faucet claim was 0.1 ZEC, your new claim would be 0.15 ZEC.

Referral Commission Boost

  • The Referral Commission Bonus applies a multiplier to your referral commissions. A multiplier of 4x means your base referral commissions is multiplied by 4.
  • E.g. if you earned 1 ZEC in referrals, you would receive 4 ZEC with a 4x Referral Commission Boost.

Leaderboard Multiplier Boost

  • Leaderboard Multiplier Bonus applies a multiplier to any earnings on the game leaderboard. A multiplier of 2x means your base leaderboard reward is multiplied by 2.
  • E.g. let’s say you placed in 3rd place and won $1 USD. With this multiplier, you’d be paid $2 USD.

Flare In-Game Boost

  • The Flare In-Game Boost applies a multiplier to tokens you collect while playing games. A multiplier of 3x means you will earn 3x more Flare Tokens during gameplay. This does not increase leaderboard rewards.
  • E.g. you played Beat Box for 2 hours and earned 1000 Flare Tokens. With a 3x multiplier you’ll receive 3000 Flare Tokens.

Free Spin Boost

  • The Free Spin Boost applies a multiplier to any free spins you get on PipeFlare. This includes multi-day free spins, 5-for-5 spins, and others. A multiplier of 2x means your free spin base rate will be multiplied by 2.
  • E.g. you get a free “5 For 5 Spin” and earn 0.01 ZEC. With a 2x boost you will receive 0.02 ZEC.

Power-Up Speed Boost 

  • The Power-Up Speed Boost  reduces the time it takes for you to get a Power-Up. A multiplier of 1.1x means you will earn Power-Ups 10% faster.
  • E.g. if you’re trying to earn the “100 Claims” badge, you can earn it after only 90 claims with a 1.1x Power-Up Speed Boost.

Genetic Mutation Boost

  • The Genetic Mutation Boost gives you better luck when you combine two Power-Ups. Users will eventually be able to “combine” two Power-Ups, forming a new third Power-Up. The third Power-Up will have unique characteristics, and can be sold in the marketplace.
  • E.g. A multiplier of 1.3x means you have 30% better luck to create a higher ranked Power-Up.

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