Referral Competition! $250 In Prizes

We’re really excited to announce our referral giveaway contest. We’ve heard from many of our top referrers, and they all say the same thing – have a monthly contest!

Referrers are one of the most important members of our community – so we listened!

Prizes are:

Referral Competition prizes

How Will The Winner Be Picked?

The winner will be picked based on the newest active referrers each month. An active referrer is someone who has registered and claimed at least once. We will count all referrers that joined PipeFlare in the month of each month.

How Long Is The Competition?

The competition will last each month.

Which Referrals Count Toward The Competition?

To count toward the competition, a referral must claim on three separate days and connect one social media account to be counted toward the competition.

How Will I See My Position?

This week we will add a leaderboard to the My Referrals page so you can track this in real-time. The leaderboard is scheduled to appear the week of November 1st, most likely toward the end of the week.

However, we will be tracking all referrals starting November 1st, and once the leaderboard appears in the dashboard, you’ll see all your referrals from the start of the competition.

When Will I Be Paid?

You’ll be paid each month if you win.

If you have any questions, please join our discord and DM me or post in General Chat.

You can join our Discord here

To read more about what we are doing with our referral program, you can read our Referral Roadmap Blog here

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